Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Surprising Surplus in Splendiferous Sativa #Cannabis #FuckSessionsInHisEar

This is Payday or, more accurately, the Pay Night Before the Payday since down here in the Po' House you know when the funds hit the bank even before the ink dries on the bills.

Ed:  you get paid in funny money?

It's all funny money, son.  The state just prints at somewhat higher quality on somewhat better paper.

There's not just one surprisingly hefty sack of surplus ganja but two and nothing is going to show a reduction in consumption more clearly than that.

Ed:  are you trying to prove something?

Negatory on that, mate ... or maybe to myself since my prediction would have been consumption has increased.  The facts don't show that so I'm surprised.

Ed:  does this need analysis?

Negatory as well since we don't want to know how magicians get rabbits into hats.  All we really want is surprise because we dig it that the musician fooled us.  We were paying attention but, wtf, he got that fuckin' rabbit in there again somehow.

Some of us like surprises and some don't but the latter group may not exactly be bangin' all eight cylinders in the basolateral amygdala, if you hear what I'm sayin'.

Ed:  I have no idea what the fuck you're saying!

You've got to read, Sherman.  When the basolateral amygdala is not functioning optimally, we become extremely risk averse.  (Ithaka:  Changes in Brain Regions May Explain Why Some Prefer Order and Certainty #Science #Medicine #Neurology)

Ed:  what the hell kind of stoner are you?

One who knows what noblesse oblige means and how America forgot while the Tories never knew (i.e. a stoner who reads).

Take care of your basolateral amygdala or otherwise you may be doomed to spend the rest of your days on a social network with the most risk averse people you can find anywhere.

Ed:  how can I do that?

Consider doing something other than sitting around reading this fucking blog (larfs).


Yevette thought this article might have been ill-advised since now the Brain Police will break the door down.  Maybe they will but that's a whole lot of agita when there's less than an ounce.

Even so, I can deliver my grand line, "Congratulations as you just busted the old vet cancer boy.  Aren't you the fuckin' hero!  Would you like to burn me now?"

No shit ... Texas cops will burn you.  They don't fuck around like those pussy cops up North and they will fuck your shit right up.  In Arlington today, they burned some guy.  I mean they set him afire and he burned up.

He had covered himself with gasoline or some such and the article advised he was suicidal.  Yah, I guess he was suicidal or unbelievably fucking stupid.

Speaking of unbelievably fucking stupid, some Arlington cop tasered the guy and he caught fire.  The cop, as usual, said he thought the guy had a gun.

Let's review:  the guy has covered himself with gasoline to kill himself.  Why the fuck would he do that if he has a gun.

As I said above, Texas cops will fuck your shit up.  Between the weather, fire ants, and Texas cops, something will burn you right up when you come down here.

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