Wednesday, July 12, 2017

"Rambo" - The Radiator Flush After Using a Social Network

I've tried writing this or that but the only thing oozing onto the screen has been bile about fucking social networks as the Mind Suck of the New Age.  They are but we don't need to hear about it all the time.

Best answer is Rambo and "Rambo, First Blood, Part I" was outstanding for one vet waxing an entire fucking town because of one king shit cop who gave him a hard time for trying to get something to eat.  You know the Rockhouse is going to love that.

"Rambo, First Blood, Part II" is better for Life, the Universe, and Everything because it features Stallone at the start asking Trautman, "Do we get to win this time?"

That is such wild bullshit it brings a laugh every time.  Stallone never went anywhere near Vietnam.  The baleful look in his eyes when he delivers that line just gets me roaring.

After Rambo goes to help them again in Vietnam, the government screws him over again so then he gets to kill everyone in yet another round of major waxage.  That's definitely another win for the Rockhouse since it highlights again what miserable, lying shitbags are in the CIA.

That's how you do it.  Don't negotiate with the government; blow its shit up and make another one.

Stallone was also really enamored of firing an M-60 machine gun from the hip and anything I've ever heard said that was the most ludicrous way to try to use one but it does look cool on TV.

Watching Rambo is better than watching old episodes of Bugs Bunny.

Note:  exercise from Basic Training is when drill sergeants bring up the worst shooter in the platoon to put him up against the best to show you how the worst can win.  The answer is to have the best shooter fire on full auto.  Tip:  he won't hit much of anything that way.

Hopefully this will be adequate for a radiator flush of the psyche and I do have an article on the generosity of people insofar as I have the source science and the idea for the presentation.  There's not an iota of snark to the concept so I don't want any social network toxicity to sleaze its way into it.

Ed:  therefore blow some shit up?

Roger that

Ed:  like you're so military!

Hey, I've spent more time in the military than Rambo.  Fuck ya (larfs).

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