Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Maintaining the Pretense Anyone Cares About Free Speech in America

A survey of Americans’ attitude about their First Amendment rights found nearly half participated in at least one political action already in 2017.

RT:  Getting political: Nearly half of Americans have taken part in First Amendment activities in 2017

On the surface that sounds out like an impressive commitment but check out what they did.

The survey found more than a third (35 percent) of Americans have signed petitions so far this year, while more than 16 percent took part in political demonstrations, and nearly 12 percent participated in boycotts.

Strikes were the least common form of protest, with only 3.8 percent of respondents saying they participated this year.

- RT

In the detail, we find they hardly did anything although the dressage parades they were passing off as political protests were amusing except insofar as they revealed the shallow modern freaks aren't even a shadow of those who protested fifty years earlier.  Even so, not much more than one in ten had anything to do with one of those.

The Rockhouse favorite is how a third of Americans signed a petition even while there's no petition which has actually accomplished anything except getting people on more mailing lists to sign more petitions.  The Sending Thoughts and Prayers crowd on Facebook really gets off on this type of political engagement because, as with everything else, it means they don't really have to do anything and don't have to stop eating.

For the most part, the article was trying to make a steak out of the fat ass modern American milquetoast who sits about on Facebook to hide in a cloistered world with the other plastic fantastic lovers and from there can advise on the world in which they don't want to participate.

When we hear them, we only want to set the nuke bombs on autopilot and take out the lot of those shiftless motherfuckers at once.

Ed:  half of your family would get wasted by it!

Welcome to Civil War and this has gone far past some limp dick protest from Dixiecrats about Confederate flags.  There are many who have also lost family to Facebook but you also know they won't return; once it eats them they rarely escape.

Ed:  have them decently tried and then decently shot?

Exactly.  It's the only way to be sure.

Ed:  there are Republicans in there as well!

So what?  Should we save them so we can talk about abortion for yet another fifty fucking years?

Burn them as well.  Fuck it.

Ed:  so you want to wipe out Republicans and Democrats?

Of course.  We ought to at least be able to catch up with Europe, fer chrissakes.

The question implies you think those titles still mean anything.  If that's the case, you may be a Facebook spy and we will have to throw you to the alligators.

Ed:  they won't spy on anything.  As above, they only sign petitions.

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