Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Russia Hysteria Making U.S. "Laughing Stock" Around The World | The Jimmy Dore Show

This one is for Democrats who got so fed-up with the retching stink from the neoDemocrats we walked away from them.  They went on to get their checks signed by the same people as sign them for Republicans and we don't want a dime from any of them; we just want them to go away.  We will deal with the leaders; we won't deal with their servants and lackeys.

When Noam Chomsky speaks of America as a laughingstock, he's speaking of the aspects of America which are known overseas.  In other words, they see MSM and the military but they rarely see the People.

Jimmy Dore is impressing me more each time I hear from him.

We have a time in which the worst things on the Internet are spam, viruses, and immersive journalism but Jimmy Dore isn't modeling clothes, batting his eyes at the camera, nor trying to angle for a movie gig.

Wait for the closer since some Clinton supporter says, "Putin must love your ass."

He absolutely buries that genius and it's funny.

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