Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Wishing a Radiant and Refulgent Birthday Celebration for Cat Boucher

- Cat Boucher (Second Life)

If you will accept a visual pun, then we're good; otherwise, she's dead and this is a really, really bad joke.

However, I talked with her yesterday and she is vibrantly alive ... but she isn't blonde.  Anyone as dangerous as Cat definitely had to be born a redhead which, in fact, she was.

With any luck at all, something personally wonderful for her will happen today since her son may be coming to visit and you know how it goes as time passes since it gets more difficult as those kids get busier ... but hopefully today.  She did a special job raising him but that's a different story to tell.

Facebook is not typically a positive force but Cat understands it in terms of self-actualization since her frame of reference is music and she has an audience of thousands she can keep apprised of her musical plans which currently include the Summer of Love show coming up on the weekend of July 28 at Cat's MusikCircus in Second Life.

Art and music are the means toward actualization for her and the latter has been deep in her bones ever since she was a wee cherub and visual art for almost as long.

If you would learn about art, music, or self-actualization in general, do wish Cat a Happy Birthday and ask her about such things.  Judging by the picture, however, maybe you ought to do it soon.

This one really isn't a Bavarian strawberry pie / cake ... but it looks like it could make a fine substitute.

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