Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Looks Like a Tactical Abort on the E.R. Due to Heat

Unless this rolls out in the early, it won't happen since it's going for 97F today and tomorrow.  There's only one reaction to going out in 97F with full sun:  you can't be fuckin' serious.

There's no panic since I can generally hold the situation in abeyance with legal levels of aspirin.  Nothing has really changed, it just decided to hurt more and that inevitably elicited the reaction, "Oh, fuck this."

The tactical problem is minor so there's nothing to report such as the tires on the car melted and, alas, we are so screwed.

Meanwhile, the trip remains finding that which does not suck rather than that which does.

The kid is wonderfully unusual which probably means an awful time in high school until she can get past the conformists when she graduates but she will bloom.  We have no idea what form the blooming may take but it will almost certainly be unusual and that's the finest kind.

Maybe you think she's too weird to be your kid but that's exactly why I think she's perfect.  She may be many things in her life but predictable probably isn't one of them.

Note:  I have no idea of the identity of the kid nor what she is doing.  That she digs it so much is priceless.

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