Thursday, July 6, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/7

Clay Huggins has issued the obligatory disingenuous apology which is supposed to absolve politicians of everything no matter how heinous.  (RT:  Congressman apologizes for video in gas chamber at Nazi concentration camp)

Even in Washington, Clay Huggins epitomizes vileness.

Gorbachev has it exactly right.  (RT:  Gorbachev: World tired of tension, needs dialogue between Russia and US)

Donald Trump is using hydrogen sulfide for speeches again as he advises of interference in the election by Russians and now maybe others.  Kee-rist.  (The Guardian:  Trump: 'Russia and others may have interfered in US elections' – video)

Note:  hydrogen sulfide is often associated with one of the types of personal expression one most doesn't like encountering in an elevator.

Hillary Clinton is either malicious or just doesn't care how much damage she does to the Democratic Party.  (Observer:  Hillary Clinton Continues Receiving Free Press Releases From Mainstream Media)

The real Resistance in Hamburg for G20 and they're pissed.  (RT:  Clashes erupt between anti-G20 protesters and police in Hamburg (PHOTOS, VIDEOS))

Eventually someone will stop the thugs in the CIA.  (RT:  CIA’s ‘Star Wars’ tools can steal passwords, intercept data from secure networks)

The short list is for places which are not hooting at CNN.  (Observer:  #CNNBlackmail: The Press Just Can’t Stop Feeding the Trolls)

When Ted Cruz has his eye on CNN, well, it really doesn't mean anything, does it.  (RT:  #CNNBlackmail: Ted Cruz claims CNN may have broken law as meme war intensifies)

Betty DeVos is making friends all over.  (RT:  18 states & DC sue Dept. of Education over delay of for-profit college loans rule)

Most of us heard from our mothers when we were growing about starving people in India and here are the people who just didn't give a flying fuck about them.  (Observer:  There’s Now a Completely Custom Meal Delivery Service for Dogs)

TV dinners for dogs ... seriously.  Here's a tip for the owners:  eat the dog.

Here's a heaping helping of sociological WTF.  (RT:  Black barber cuts Confederate flag into white man’s hair in Oklahoma)

Russia and China suggest a solution for North Korea which doesn't involve the cage fight the US typically prefers and with obvious concerns about how the US wants to wreck Asia the same way it wrecked the Middle East.  (RT:  Moscow promotes joint Russia-China plan instead of US attempts to ‘strangle’ N. Korea at UNSC)

Oh, you were thinking South Korea would survive any strike by America?  In yer dreams.

It's probably too late to get a Thesaurus for Donald Trump.  (RT:  ‘Very, very bad behavior’: Trump vows consequences over N. Korea missile launch)

Trump has apparently realized going to England was an exceptionally bad idea.  (RT:   May, Trump to meet privately at G20 summit)

Welcome to Hobby Lobby where queerin' is bad but stealin' is just fine.  (RT:  Hobby Lobby fined $3mn, will return 5,500 ancient Iraqi artifacts illegally imported)

We often can't agree on much but no-one trusts Turkey (i.e. Erdogan).  (RT:   EU Parliament votes for Turkish accession talks to be suspended)

Ninety thousand in a child porn ring?  WTF?  How can there be so many of those inadequate monsters in the world.  (RT:   90,000-strong child porn ring busted on ‘dark web’)

The FBI still deals from the top and the bottom of the deck.  (RT:  9/11 secrets: FBI can keep sensitive report details under wrap, judge rules)

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