Sunday, July 2, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/3

A large-scale protest took place for the start of the G20 meetings in Hamburg where Laprov and Trump are expected to review America's about-face on plans to assassinate Assad.  (RT:  ‘G20 protest wave’: 1,000s rally in Hamburg ahead of summit (VIDEO, PHOTO))

That was the real news but Fox carried instead Trump tweets video of him wrestling down CNN;   The Guardian brought us Trump’s tweet attacking CNN is ‘un-American’, top media ethicist says; CNN ran this one as Sasse warns of 'weaponizing distrust' after Trump's media attacks.

They just didn't deem G20 newsworthy apparently.  Good luck on figuring out what Sasse was trying to say but here's a tip:  he's not worth it; he's just another clerk.

As to what's un-American, Centrists have been lauding Henry Kissinger who coordinated with the CIA the assassination of Salvador Allende and brought about the fall of the government in Chile in 1963.  (RT:  Global leadership part of Washington’s DNA, while Russia has been ‘defender & advocate’ – Kissinger)  In other words, we have no reason to listen to Centrists and any whimsical concerns they may have about anti-American activity.

While Kissinger was only been a mechanic, Chomsky has been a prophet but the Establishment has such a penchant for killing prophets. (RT:  Chomsky to RT: ‘US is racing toward the precipice, while the world is trying to save itself’)

Even Darwin doesn't want this one since cops warned him he would likely drown if he jumped into the river.  He jumped; he drowned.  (CBS 13:  Man Jumps Into River And Drowns)

When you're flying your drone about on some idiot mission for Alex Jones, you're well advised to keep it far away from where firefighting aircraft are deployed.  (KGUN 9:  Prescott Valley man arrested for delaying Goodwin Fire fight with drone)

Forgettable governor of Maine shut down the government but what does Maine ever do anyway.  (Reuters:  Maine governor orders partial shutdown with budget in limbo)

If you're asking if the world is flat, you're probably in Oklahoma.  If you paid $1500 for a billboard to announce the world is flat, you're definitely in Oklahoma.  (Patheos:  Flat-Earthers Just Put Up Another (Self-Defeating) Billboard in Tulsa)

From some fellow who will soon be down to only one wife.  (New York Post:  My sex doll is so much better than my real wife)

There's not a thing about the American health care system which works as advertised but at least it costs more than everywhere else in the world.  (The Guardian:  America's broken healthcare system – in one simple chart)

There are bad ideas and then there are military bad ideas so which category do you think deserves the new military Space Corps.  In many sci fi movies, there's always the Trigger-Happy Dumb Ass who fires the first shot which gets the space aliens pissed off and then they kill us all.  It looks like America wants to fire that shot.  (NASA:  Starship troopers: US to create ‘space corps’ in radical Air Force overhaul)

It's not surprising to see China doesn't want American naval vessels near them when it's only been a week since a U.S. naval vessel drove in front of a freighter with consequent heavy damage to both plus multiple fatalities.  (RT:  China dispatches military vessels & fighter jets to warn off US warship sailing near disputed island)

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