Friday, July 21, 2017

#News on a Nailhead 7/22

Here's some helpful science for family planning.  (Simplemost:  Study Finds That Second-Born Children Are More Likely To Be Criminals)

Sean Spicer now realizes he should have kept quiet and stuck to his assigned task of finding just what the hell became of Rick Perry.  (CNBC:  Sean Spicer resigns as White House press secretary after objecting to Scaramucci hire)

Don't worry about algebra being too difficult in college in California as they will just drop it for a li'l courtesy to snowflakes.  (Insider Higher Education:  Algebra or Stats?)

In other news:  how did they manage avoiding algebra in high school?

People don't seem to mind the rain now that the tourist dollars or EUs stretch for much longer due to the pound getting sick.  (RT:   UK enjoys tourist spending splurge thanks to cheap pound)

When a parrot turns state's evidence for murder, you're going down.  (WSBTV:  Woman convicted of husband's murder after parrot witness repeats 'don't shoot')

Well, that was just how grown-ups do it and that's important in a Prime Minister.  (RT:   No. 10 shuts down access to PM May for Scottish leader Sturgeon)

Where could you put a billion elephants?  (Science Daily:  More than 8. 3 billion tons of plastics made: Most has now been discarded)

Note:  equivalent weight in elephants.

Texas teachers aren't allowed to teach kids much but they are allowed to hit them.  (RT:   That’s a paddlin’: Texas schools expand use of corporal punishment)

One of the largest information resources anywhere is now accessible for free on the Internet.  (Observer:  The Library of Congress Opened Its Catalogs to the World—Here’s Why It Matters)

Yesterday was the anniversary of Marshall McCluhan's birthday and fewer than ever get the message.  (The Verge:  THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE, 50 YEARS LATER)

The fastest way to go between the worst of places.  (  Hyperloop or hyperbole? Musk promises NY-DC run in 29 mins)

Love means your microbiomes come together and the zillions of tiny creatures on your skin can play with each other.  (  Not under the skin, but on it: Living together brings couples' microbiomes together)

When you get a blue screen from this device, your house catches fire, maybe your whole neighborhood.  (The Verge:  Microsoft unveils a beautiful Cortana-powered thermostat)

If a statement of utter brutality is what you want in a motorcycle, this is your lucky day.  (Jalopnik:  What I Learned Riding A $135,000 Motorcycle)

Note:  the makers are proud of that specific reputation although it's not clear how many of them remain among the living since the article was written.

If you steal from Facebook, they will hunt you with dogs.  If you also stole from Google, just kiss your ass goodbye.  (WABE:  His Alleged Email Scam Swindled $100 Million. Now, He's Set To Be Extradited)

If you didn't think there was hope for you as a queuing theorist and your study of women's bathroom behavior, there's still a chance.  (Yahoo:  Long Women’s Bathroom Lines Can Be Fixed Easily, Scientists Say)

Trump and Putin may may have gone to the toilet together and you know the Conspiracy Crew will go right off the hook on that.  (RT:  Putin & Trump could have met many times at G20, gone to toilet together – Lavrov)

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