Sunday, July 2, 2017

News on a Nailhead 7/2

Sure, it's ok to skip the BCG vaccination against tuberculosis ... but ... not so fast Solano County.  (SFgate:  Member of Vallejo gym may have exposed others to tuberculosis)

It's as you suspected; there's no-one in charge in New Jersey.  (Press of Atlantic Cities:  Christie shuts down N.J. government, calls Legislature into session for Saturday.)

There were multiple multi-person shootings in the last day or so and they're still reported as if they're news for some reason.  It's America and this shit happens all the time.  TV just holds the scorecards.

Cop shootings may be around a thousand by year-end but, wtf, that's been true for years.  Welcome to America.  (RT:  Number of US police shooting victims to approach 1,000 by end of year – report)  That comes out to one whacked citizen every eight hours and it goes back years.

There was another Hot for Teacher story today but, wtf, there were two yesterday as well.  It's not uncommon to see great-looking teachers nailing their male students.  This boat done sprung a leak and it's not even clear what did it but there's sure one crazy lot of it happening.  You Freuds out there can have a ball with this one since the Rockhouse doesn't get why there's so much of it.

Maybe it would be a better idea if you don't take TV health food shows too seriously and definitely not this one.  (RT:  Woman abandons livestream after accidentally eating poisonous leaves (VIDEO))

Note:  she is in stable condition.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner have pissed off just about everyone again ... unknown what they did but how would it possibly matter.

Trump has a point about the way Centrist MSM has been trying to undermine his Presidency from the first day using any artifice they could manage.  (Fox News:  Trump attacks media as 'fake' and 'fraudulent,' pushes back about his use of Twitter)

Trump said he's confident the People know Truth and, in fact, we do.  He thinks that will serve him since we know the collusion with Russia hoax was rubbish but that doesn't absolve him of his flip flop in Syria.  We not only know the Truth, we remember it, buddy boy.  (RT: Trump: Fake media trying to silence us, but people know the truth)

First he didn't want to whack Assad but now he does.  Pleased to meetcha, CIA Donald.

Apparently Obama has forgotten when he was getting the hoi polloi all frothy over American Exceptionalism.  It seems it's different when Trump does it.  (The Guardian:  Barack Obama urges world to stand against 'aggressive nationalism')

Obama should go back to lifestyles of the rich and famous and generally shut the fuck up.

Here's one about the Wanker Who Was a Wealthy Woodstock Wannabe ... but now he's headed for prison.  Maybe he can share a cell with Martin Shkreli and they can trade discs by Wu Tang Clan.  (Fox News:  Fyre Fest fiasco: Promoter of failed Bahamas music festival arrested on fraud charge in NYC)

The Lincoln police department will have to improve their electronic imaging of subjects unless they're intending to presents suspects which look like He-Man from the comics.  (BBC:  He-Man e-fit: Lincoln robbery suspect picture ridiculed)

The Rockhouse is guessing facial recognition is not yet fully mature.

Any question as to why Progressives walked away from the Democratic Party like it's a hellbound train?  (RT:  Assange hits back at death threats from #tolerantliberals, lashes out at MSM)

The decline started in a big way in 2008 when the rampant corruption made a whole lot of people lose the faith.  (RT: Debt & childcare costs drive US fertility to historic low)

Le Tour de France is off and the first yellow jersey has been awarded.  (The Guardian:  Tour de France 2017: Geraint Thomas wins stage one to earn yellow jersey)

Note:  dismiss that one if you like but ... I tell you ... my only experience with Le Tour was being there for the finish of one of the stages and it was an incredibly engaging experience with everyone I met.  If ever you have the chance ...

There is still an ample supply of Viagra so golfers should not worry.  (RT:   Major shortage forces doctors to ration important antibiotic)

Of course, you're fucked if you get an infection but don't you worry about that Viagra.

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