Sunday, July 9, 2017

MSM Lobbies for a War Anywhere it's Possible for Combat #News #Politics #Russia

Yesterday, Donald Trump made the most important move of his Presidency in defying MSM to go directly to Vladimir Putin to speak.  The results were positive and encouraging.

But that didn't change anything for MSM:

Fox News had nothing to say about their meeting and instead made a huge deal out of America's latest provocation of North Korea to the apparent disregard of the fact South Korea will be obliterated too as a consequence of any American attack.  (Fox News:  North Korea accuses US of 'reckless military provocations' after practice bombing run)

CNN has only just discovered the riots in Hamburg and those serve as a convenient smokescreen now since they have nothing on the meeting either.  (CNN:  Rallies, riots and raves)

The Guardian, as usual, just follows the boobies.  (The Guardian:  Ivanka Trump under fire after taking seat among world leaders at G20)

CNBC was tried but they block anyone using an ad blocker.  The Rockhouse has never observed substantively more value from Web sites of that nature so we don't bother with them.  We assume that kind of sluttery is so they can pay for Rachel Maddow who is yet another warhawk masquerading as a liberal.

CNBC did have an editorial from a pundit regarding how Putin dominated Trump which is the typically emasculated view of things which characterizes modern MSM.

In summary, there's nothing evident via MSM which has even a trace of positivity regarding bilateral engagement for the purpose of more civilized behavior in the world.  More civilized is anything the CIA / Pentagon is not.

MSM is the clear and present danger in America as they try to personalize that with Trump so they can project their own malice upon him.

The Rockhouse supports nothing in the GOP platform and has not ever supported it.  However, we understand they will do things we do not like because they're fucking Republicans; they were raised selfish and greedy.  Nevertheless, there's been a commitment from Donald Trump since before he was elected to normalize relations with Russia and the Rockhouse expects him to honor it.

Yesterday he did and it changed the malice of MSM in no way whatsoever.  MSM stands accused of being the source of the problem or at least the medium to convey it and they do nothing whatsoever to improve that position.  There's no need to hammer it; you can see the proof above.

Nowhere except Russia Today had anything to say about the meeting.  (RT:  Putin: Trump different than on TV, we can restore relations with US)

That's quite possibly the best outcome which can result from an early meeting but MSM did not even report it.

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