Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Making Psychedelics with Milk #Art

Until social networks suck every last bit of creativity out of America and there's nothing remaining except online gossip and gratuitous military slaughter, there are people who do this.  Who needs Juno for pictures of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter since you can do it yourself with a little help from Elsie Borden.

Thanks to ML who won't ever be just another headless meat in a social network.

Another clue to the fact ML doesn't use social networks is she talked of getting a stack of library books which all have big print font sizes for older eyes.  She had just read "Catcher in the Rye" and said, WTF, it's just some guy coming to grips with being gay.  In what way did I need this.

I really don't have an answer when there's one Dagwood or Dorene coming out after the other on CNN and The Guardian and none of them ever seem to get their shit together beyond becoming relentlessly more narcissistic about it, apparently with the assumption we ever gave a shit about their sex lives in the first place.

I did suggest some of the titles from the Ithaka Required Reading List which most of humanity has ignored but there's some good material in it.  Now try to visualize "Dune" printed with a large-scale font.  Suddenly six- or seven-hundred pages becomes the Encyclopedia Britannica.


Anonymous said...

Went to the Loving Vincent Facebook page to see how the movie is coming along. Lots of swell new pics. And then I saw this posting of a guitar painted by a fan.


Do you consider Facebook a part of the social network? I see no "suckage" at this site!! Looks like October is the release. I can't wait! Enjoy--ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Facebook is the worst of the worst for social networks by far. There is good stuff here and there but mostly it's full of the least creative people in the world.

I got a glimpse of the guitar and it's beautiful but then Facebook busted me to say I had to login to continue. That kind of proprietary crap is why I loathe Facebook since they don't even own that property. It's definitely run by cock-a-roaches.

That idea was cool but I still love what you did far more since the jewels gave the Galaxy Guitar a different dynamic and it changes while you look at it. If there's any other like that, I've never seen it.

Anonymous said...

Same thing happened to me--the login part. I just denied it once but when I tried to return to see some of the pics again it blocked my view. But there were many pics and I enjoyed viewing them. Several with quotes from Vincent. There was one about stars but I couldnt recite it--know you would have enjoyed it. :(

The last photo of the Galaxy you posted probably showed up the best I've ever seen. No I have not seen that (jewels). It was truly an original thought, and it took a lot of nerve from you to be willing to try it! That was so funny.

Peas InOurThyme said...

It was funny and it turned out gloriously since here she is all these years later and she's still twinkling. That was one exceptional insight and it made the guitar all the more special to me. That's a gift which goes so far beyond money and the appreciation is all the greater every time I look at her which is about every time I stand up and turn around.