Saturday, July 22, 2017

Loathing for the Deplorable Dowager, Hillary Clinton, Grows Rapidly

Hillary Clinton

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Once again, the dreamy look we have observed programmed into all poldroids.

Ed:  it's the I Want to Kill Something look.

Usually so, mate.

People who praise Clinton and other Democrats while pledging to vote for them in the fall are good, while those who protest Democratic party leaders at the convention and/or refuse to vote for Hillary Clinton are at best ‘ridiculous’ (Sarah Silverman), ‘crazy’ (Jonathan Chait), ‘pathetic’ (Jon Favreau), ‘babies’ (Amanda Marcotte) and at worst ‘whiny diaper babies’ (Bob Cesca), ‘dickheads’ (Imani Gandy), ‘garbage people’ (Ian Millhiser), ‘shitheads’ (Joan Walsh), or my personal favorite, from a Daily Kos blogger going by the name of LiberalCanuck, ‘Regressives [who] are commonly found in terrorist and quasi-terrorist circles [and] want misery [and] suffering [so a] revolution can occur.'” During the Democratic Party Convention, the DNC and Clinton campaign worked in a concerted effort to silence and block Sanders supporters’ protests.

Observer:  Making Clinton Great Again Crowd and the Problem With Dominance Politics

And now they don't understand why we don't want anything to do with them.  In the main, we see little evidence they understand much of anything and an irritating harpy such as Sarah Silverman doesn't offer more than acid indigestion.  It seems her real persona isn't much different from the one she portrayed in "School of Rock."

Since we don't want acid indigestion ...

A recent Bloomberg poll found that Hillary Clinton remains even more unpopular than Donald Trump. Meanwhile, several polls have found that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country. Though Sanders’ popularity signals that the party should adopt his policies, establishment Democrats fire back that he isn’t a Democrat. In truth, the Democratic Party’s toxicity repels millions of voters, and it desperately needs to reform to win their support. The dominance politics of the Democratic establishment and its refusal to cede power to its progressive base poisons the party from the inside. Until it confronts the internal forces that led to its demise, the Democratic Party will continue to backslide into irrelevancy.

- Observer

There will be no reconciliation with Centrist Democrats.  As we learned from Hillary Clinton, it's best to stay as distant from them as possible.

Ed:  Clinton is gone and it's Kamala Harris now.

Not true, mate, since Clintons and Obamas are hustling for money as hard as they ever did.  Kamala Harris is just another bank clerk like the rest of them.  Obama said he would bring a Democrat world but, lo and behold, it looked exactly the same as the Republican world.  He got paid millions for that and welcome to the New World.

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