Monday, July 3, 2017

"Football Has the Power to Bring People Together" | FIFA Ambassador #News #Sports #PSA #Russia

Victoria Lopyrova, FIFA Ambassador

Silly me as I must have neglected to previously mention she was also Miss Russia for 2003.

Russians are excited about welcoming football fans who will come from across the globe for the World Cup next year to witness ‘the beautiful game’ and explore the country, Victoria Lopyreva, FIFA ambassador and Miss Russia 2003, told RT.

“It’s the first time in the history of our country that we have the Confederations Cup and we’re going to have the World Cup – and this is fantastic,” Lopyreva said while visiting RT’s booth in St Petersburg ahead of the Confederations Cup final on Sunday.

The TV host and model is sure that Russians are excited about the World Cup taking place in their country next year.

RT:  ‘Football has power to bring people together’ - FIFA ambassador & Miss Russia 2003 to RT

Ed:  comrade, she has dimples

Ela, ela, restive comrade; is it seemly to talk of the FIFA Ambassador's dimples?

Ed:  I don't know; I just like them

Yah, me too.  You know, it's not bad, mate.

Ed:  what's not bad?

You almost made it to looking at her eyes, not quite but almost.

Note: this article was an experiment to see what happens when the headline has a Negative Clickbait Factor since there's nothing teasing about Ms Lopyrova's presence.

Ed:  what was the result?

It tanked (larfs).

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