Friday, July 21, 2017

Bishop Curry is One Exceptional Kid, an Inventor #Science #Kids #Safety #Cars

Bishop Curry is young but he must have seen the news stories about kids dying from overheating after being left alone in a car.  He got an idea for a solution and he invented it.  Bishop Curry is eleven-years-old.

Bishop Curry and Tia Curry, his mother

Curry has invented a device that would be installed in cars to alert parents and authorities if a child has been left in a hot car.

“It has a temperature monitor on it and once it gets to a certain degrees, it detects [if] there is a person in the car,” said Bishop’s mom, Tia Curry, “Then it has a fanning cooling system and it starts to cool the car. It’s simultaneously alerting the parents and alerting the authorities.”

(Fox:  11-year-old invents hot car alert for parents)

Unknown if any other technology of this nature exists but Curry has applied for a patent and should be notified in about four months.  Hopefully that leads to some venture capital and a product launch but we'll see.  You can see in his eyes he's a smart kid and he's getting some good guidance from his mother, Miss Tia.  It just might happen.

If this is the original patent then presumably car companies will have to license it and then life becomes Disneyland for he and his family.

Sure Miss Tia probably helped in some way but were you thinking Amadeus was just four-years-old when he suddenly awoke to write concertos.  Vater Mozart had to have been large in that.

Note:  he did at that age write concertos or concerti if you want to be a purist about it.  The Rockhouse isn't disputing that but the idea of some kind of divine transposition which suddenly set it all in motion is a bit farfetched.  Ol' Dad had to have had a part in that.

Maybe Mister Curry got some of y'all tinkers thinking, well, I wonder how exactly he did it.  Did he tap into the car electrics to use the car fans or are they integrated with the unit.  Given the idea and the feasibility, all kinds of ways present for different solutions but, hopefully, he got there first.

Remarkable job, Bishop Curry, and extremely well-done.  Best Rockhouse wishes for luck.

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