Friday, July 7, 2017

After Watching "The Patriot" ... Again

"The Patriot" remains the most stirring telling of the story of the birth of America I've ever seen and Mel Gibson's job of it was masterful.  It gets a bit hokey with religion sometimes since Cornwallis was just about to hang some Mel Gibson's citizen soldiers but they started praying and, what do you know, the Colonel showed up.  That kind of thing was schlock but it was forgivable in the context of the overall story.

It was a magnificent contest between the genius confounded by arrogance of the British redcoats in conflict with the bluecoats who were at a military disadvantage but showed through their ingenuity all the things American traditionally admire.  It was magnificent and then the French showed at Yorktown to help finish it.

But it wasn't finished.

Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown was actually just a tactical retreat.  His greatest insight came at that time when he told the other Tory commanders that King George would take over Goldman Sachs.  We will swap the red coats for business suits and Brylcreem and, after that, we won't have to fight for America; they will freely give it to us.

It took some while to get their plan fully operational but it was in full swing during the post-WWII era when the only patriots left in the country died on the battlefield.  Meanwhile, just as Cornwallis predicted, the Tories moved right into Washington to own it and there was no battle; instead there was tremendous applause.

In "The Patriot," all of America's new leaders were warriors but the post-WWII era in America hasn't revealed any warriors in the leaders and instead they were exclusively fat and rich Tories.  That was the genius of the Cornwallis plan in that he foresaw it wasn't enough to take over the financial control of America in Wall Street; it was also necessary to gut the leadership to prevent repercussions.  That was epitomized by Ronald Reagan, one of America's greatest post-WWII heroes but he didn't do anything in WWII except for making movies with a fucking monkey.  When Reagan got to Washington, Cornwallis' plan was complete.

America never recovered from Reagan and likely never will since the greed and corresponding cruelty of the country went stratospheric and that spread to both parties so now there's, in effect, only one leadership and all of it has the same tombstone as Ayn Rand (i.e. a bloody great dollar sign).  After that, it was obvious America's future is behind it.

Note:  Eisenhower was as much of a warrior as a general can be but JFK / George Bush I were in real combat.  Only Eisenhower amounted to much since JFK was capped almost as he came out of the gate and George Bush I was mostly ineffectual as just a sorry shadow of Reagan which, actually, is all his sons ever were either.

The arrogance we see from the Tories now is exactly the same as we saw from Cornwallis during the Revolution and the premise from Washington is they have so thoroughly militarized the Wehrmacht internally there's no chance of rebellion.  As that aspect of the history shown in "The Patriot" reveals, that thinking didn't work out so well for Cornwallis.

The British hated the French for coming to the aid of the American revolutionaries but, as we can see with Theresa May, the Brits hate everyone.  The French don't care if Brits hate them because they know who makes the best baguettes and who has the sexiest woman (e.g. Brigitte Bardot).  When Theresa May gets lofty with them, they only tell her to sing a few sea shanties with your Royal Navy ... if you can find it.

The Washingtonian Tories leap defensively to their feet immediately to say, "Our Navy can obliterate anywhere in the world."

Yah, so could the Royal Navy in its time.  The failure in that position is the lack of understanding of the fact the world really doesn't need anyplace which can obliterate other countries any time it feels like it.  That didn't work out so well for the British Empire which is now just a few banks in London or America which they cleverly enough made exactly the same thing.  The American Navy is still capable of wiping out everywhere but they've never found anywhere which gives a shit.  Invariably, they're willing to fight to the last soul to keep America out.

The thing which wasn't noted in "The Patriot" was there will be a sequel a couple of centuries later.

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