Monday, March 20, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 3/20


1970 Plymouth - looks ridiculous, goes incredibly fast, and the sound is excellently brutal

Israel - a whole lot of people are getting fed-up with the wax job of Israel and the charges of anti-Semitism if anyone protests

We Be - Pogo and the Orchestra ... and Bob Marley with his

If Russians - I keep hearing about world domination but I look about for the Russian Enemies McCarthy warned us about seeing but I can't find any and surely there should be some early arrivals

How the Richie - impressive underground construction for bunkers and they still won't survive but the pads are cool

China Briefly - Tillerson made an idiot of himself in Worst Korea and the Chinese said in response he might show some restraint which is Chinese for, holy shit, where did they find that bumbling oaf.

Why Washington - the laws are already written and you need more laws like a date with another species so lose Washington, save a bundle, the sun starts shining

What's Hot

"Rogue One" - surprisingly good integration with the Star Wars flow although it's highly a shame to whack the heroine at the end of it

744 KPH - a massively insane RC aircraft with that validated speed and this has video

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