Sunday, March 26, 2017

Bernie Sanders Talks about the MEDICARE for All Plan He is Submitting

Bernie Sanders was interviewed by CNN regarding legislation he is introducing to present his MEDICARE for all plan to the Senate.  The blondie pundit asked Sanders all manner of absurdity which, fortunately, he ignored so he could present the material.  (CNN:  Sanders to introduce Medicare-for-all bill)

Medicare for All is something many loathe passionately although not particularly reasonably since the evidence from every other developed nation is it works better and it doesn't cost as much.  Those facts notwithstanding there's a huge fear of being overwhelmed by taxation for Medical for All without any evidence to the truth of it.

One of the biggest liabilities in the privatized health care system is it sucks for sharing information.  The Veterans Administration knows every time they dispensed a Band-Aid to me and that's a national network.  There's never any paperwork so why can't the privatized health care system do that when the elimination of paperwork alone is a substantive reduction in the stress of medical since it adds so much needless flak which should have already been handled.

The sharing of medical information that way was reviewed on Ithaka yesterday since access to accurate information reduces mistakes and overall health gets consequently better.  (Ithaka:  Why Veterans Administration Medical Care is Better than Civilian)

Maybe about this time you're thinking, man, I don't need this shit again but you need to deal with it since you have run out of plays.

-  Ryan's plan was rubbish and the people threw it back in his face

-  Trump never really had anything in the first place or nothing Congress is willing to pitch to anyone

-  Obamacare is rubbish as well but people accept it as better than nothing

-  Extending Obamacare to everyone will be a big-ticket expense and the majority will hate spending the moolah (i.e. it won't happen and Clinton was talking hogwash from the first day)

Like it or not, the one-payer plan is in your face now.

Many of you don't like it but the best move is to fall back from the hype just a wee bit since Obamacare should have started taking your children eight years ago if the threats about it from the GOP had been true.  The GOP doesn't want to lose the profits from the medical insurance corporations but it's not clear what benefit you think you get from that.

Probably things won't change that much with one-payer although there should be reductions in staffing due to duplication in management and back-office staff relative to the private systems.  That much is mechanical and obvious while the biggest one is the elimination of profit-taking by these middlemen who add no medical benefit.  Many of those jobs will be replaced by robos over the relatively short-term anyway (i.e. ten or fifteen years).

There's only one item of value which comes from insurance companies and that's in the actuarial tables which are highly-predictive of the number of people who will suffer, for example, heart attacks in the coming year.  Through the merger of these actuarial tables comes an excellent mechanism for overall budgeting since you know within plus / minus ten percent what they year's national health costs will be.

Watson:  you're heading for Artificial Intelligence with this, aren't you?

Welcome back to the Detective ranks, Watson.  I don't have to head for AI with it since medical care and research will go there anyway.

If you will research a database, you need all of it so get cracking on that.

Watson:  so you think a one-payer plan is inevitable?

That I do and that's true even if only for the benefit to information management alone.  The task now is to get there without too many people having conniption fits along the way.

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