Monday, March 27, 2017

Preparations for the First Euro/Russian War

NATO is pushing the biggest escalation in Europe since WWII while Russia hasn't done much of anything and Putin's only reaction was, "Well, I see how they can afford sanctions when they can afford to waste so much money on troop placement."  (RT:  NATO troops head for Poland ‘to deter Russian offensive actions’ (VIDEO))

Then Putin asked, "How do they explain this to all their people who need medical care?"

He was advised they don't care about the ones who need medical care and that's when Putin threw up his hands, then said, "How can I deal with such barbarians who don't even care about their own people?"

He walked out of the room without another word.

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NATO troops in Poland who are not a part of any offensive, it only looks that way.

America is instigating all of this but, wtf, America has instigated all the warring since WWII.  However, Europe ought to consider America never got a win in all that time so what does that tell you of the outcome in Europe, li'l darlin's.

Ed:  Haiti and Granada were wins!

Yes, of course.  Those military successes were recorded in the annals of strategy and tactics around the world, weren't they.  America defeated countries which were smaller than Rhode Island and you bet they were talking about that in Red Square.

Ed:  they were laughing uproariously, just like when that buffoon, Thatcher, went to the Falkland Islands when she was pretending she was an Empress and she still got one of her ships sent to the bottom of the Atlantic.  Real genius in that one.

The thinking in Europe is America will come when the shooting starts but America won't go anywhere.  America is only coming to own the pieces after Europe and Russia destroy each other.

Ed:  what about the American troops?

You have heard them called 'boots on the ground' and that shows the advantage of an all-pro Army:  it doesn't matter if they come back.  Americans scream like schoolgirls when the troops get whacked but they don't do anything to stop them from going in the first place.  Americans haven't had any interest in the troops since the mid-Seventies.

This is going to be the biggest business opportunity since Andrew Jackson whacked the Indians in America and Europe works the same way.  If everyone is dead then it belongs to America and they have been using the American twenty-dollar bill with Jackson's semblance on it for all these years so they should have known it was coming; it's not like America didn't advertise it.

Andrew Jackson, Father of the Cherokee Trail of Tears and promoter of some of the most wide-ranging genocide the world has ever suffered.   He even looks like a cruel, cold-hearted bastard.

Euros, li'l darlin's, if you haven't heard about the Cherokee Trail of Tears, this wouldn't be such a bad time to read about it when you will be on one of your own soon.  Oh, and here's the beauty part:  this time the trail leads to Turkey since, just like Oklahoma in the Nineteenth Century and to a large extent today, no-one on the planet cares what becomes of Turkey.

Ed:  Turkey is the Interstate highway for trafficking heroin into Europe!

Well, it's at least useful for that.  The CIA must love them.

If you seriously think America is coming, when did they come to help with the refugees who would have stayed in their own countries if America hadn't turned them all into war zones.

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