Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Rockhouse Isn't Lost in Space but Things Do Get Distant

On the wake-up tomorrow, cancer treatment begins with full-boat chemo and radiation.  In light of that perspective, other things don't matter a whole lot.

There is great pride going in various directions tonight and definitely toward Yevette who only today expressed a bit of fear and I feel it as well about doing a good job to help while she goes through it.

I'm sure Yevette will not mind this bit of politicization that we will serve the Democrat's mission in its purest way insofar as we seek to keep her alive rather than make anything else dead.

We came; we saw; she survived.

That's how Democrats do it.

Thanks to Kannafoot who brought some real world information when he said the anti-cancer regimen may not be as debilitating as we traditionally expect since doctors have become better able to manage it during intervening years.  He knows that from his own family so we know that word is truth.

That truth is important since we don't trust social / support networks when I did once before and, wtf, they stole my shit and a lot of it.  They won't get another chance and we will manage just fine without them.

The chances are realistically good of success and those are words of truth we know going into it but there's still the reality of a major horrorshow in-between now and the success part.  Everyone has high confidence of success but still it's fucking cancer.

The situation is bringing all kinds of Sir Lancelot behavior out of the Perimeter Defense Force and I'm ok with pumping up the heroism of my partner in the PDF but my own will do ok without spotlights.

I've related it previously and today I did again with Yevette that this is much like the way the enduro races would start out in karts with the flagman going through an interminable sequence before he finally waves the flag to go.  Once your foot goes down on the accelerator, all butterflies disappear and you get down to some racing but it kinda sucks up until that moment.

There needs to be some information coming back here since Ithaka can serve a PSA purpose of this is what you can expect should it happen to you.  That doesn't require minute-by-minute reporting and everything is at Yevette's discretion as to whether it's worth saying anything at all.

Reporting about it looks to confirm that which came from Kannafoot to tell you the debilitation from the therapy is not so terrible.  Right now I hope that but I do not know it.

They say cancer scares people to death so anything which reduces fear must be consequently good.  Many people haven't experienced so much physical pain in their lives so that's terrifying for people as well.  I've experienced lots of physical pain, largely because I've lived recklessly and with zero regard for physical consequences, and that lets me be glib about it but still I understand the difficulty for anyone else.

Ed:  fear is the mindkiller - Bene Gesserit teaching

Always it's true.  Dune lives and so will Yevette.


Anonymous said...

Like you've said before--Yvette is "Bad Ass" and she will bad ass kick this cancer!! Love, ML

Peas InOurThyme said...

Yes, she is and love right back at you. It's amazing how the quiet ones turn out to be the toughest just about every time.