Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Republicans Are Eating Other with the Same Relish as Sharks When a Ship Sinks

Paul Ryan seems to be the only one who is not aware he is going to Greenland to work on a weather station where it's -200F all year 'round.  Take a walk, Paulie.  No Presidency for you.  Dress warm.  (Ithaka:  Paul Ryan at the Weather Station in Greenland)

It seems all the Republicans are trying to eat Paul Ryan's lunch and they're playing Look at the Funny Eels on Fox News where all wonder, gee, I wonder where they heard that leak.  It seems Trump has a little vendetta going and he doesn't need anyone to marginalize his Presidency now since he can take it the rest of the way himself.  Washington is leaking Brylcreem from one end to the other and nothing feeds the tabloid MSM faster than that.

Best of all are the Freedom Caucus nihilists because there's nothing they want to miss wrecking.  When they're finished, there won't be anything left in America but churches and only for Protestants, by God.  They don't need schools since none of them ever attended one.

The Nihilists hold the Trump kill shot since it's said they want all funding for Planned Parenthood eliminated in the coming budget or they will stop the government.  Other groups of Republicans recognize that as political suicide so munch, munch, munch.  They're having a ball with each other.

Stopping the government before Trump even gets anything started or any more things broken is just about the most damaging move the Nihilists could make.  Trump can sort of handle success and failure not well at all but he will go bananas from being ignored.

There really isn't any amusement in this since it's the same old amateurish crap which has been insulting us for years.  Congress can find any excuse at all to do nothing whatseover.

The main thing we observe about Washington is talented people are not willing to do it.  That town operates like it's all running on eight-track tapes since the music never changes; there's no imagination in it; the player keeps breaking down and stalling.

How many in Washington do you truly respect.  The generals make excuses for getting the kids killed and the pols make excuses for failing to stop them.  That hasn't changed in any way since I was a kid but at least the eight-track tapes went obsolete.  Washington did as well but they're too thick to get it and we keep getting lesser and lesser candidates.

Trump immediately started blaming Democrats because if you can't be good in Washington then find a scapegoat but his excuses are stupid when he calls Democrats ineffectual on one hand and then blames Democrats for torpedoing him on the next.  In sum, he's an idiot flailing his hands in the air and that goes back to the original question of why talented people won't go to Washington.  Instead we get buffoons of that nature.

You're right, Donnie ... Nancy Pelosi engineered your demise ... after she has never successfully engineered so much as a cookie recipe in all the time she has been in Washington.  That's got to be the answer.

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