Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Mouse Who Hunted Lions

In an article earlier, I inadvertently revealed the fact African mice hunt lions.

Excerpt from Ithaka:  The Message is in the Mice - Science

Ed:  that looks like a house mouse from anywhere but the man has a nice shirt.

Tip:  don't piss him off.  They hunt lions by themselves as a test of manhood.  Definitely tell him you like his shirt even if you think it's an awful offense to all visual wavelengths.

Yevette saw that and commented she didn't think mice could hunt lions and then I realized I had inadvertently revealed the ancient truth.

You know intuitively that African mice hunt lions or what reason would elephants have to be afraid of them.  Why would anything at all be afraid of mice but the other animals know.  Mice are dangerous.

The lion gets big and fat in his cocky over-confidence but the mouse stays small, smart, and fast.  The mouse dances with the lion and that fat cat has no chance of catching it.  The lion keeps trying and trying, for sixteen years or more sometimes according to the legends, and then the lion falls over, panting and gasping until it finally dies from a heart attack.

The mouse won't eat the lion, however.  Mice just don't like them.

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