Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jews Around the World Can Be Proud of Protestors Who Reject AIPAC #JewishResistance

The Jews who protest AIPAC do so to express their rejection for the overt imperialism of the Israeli state and show they do not support the bombing and aggression Benjamin Netanyahu has pushed so viciously.  (RT:  #JewishResistance: Protesters block AIPAC conference calling for end to Israel occupation (VIDEOS))

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The Rockhouse is so immensely proud of these protestors since Israel has been like America in this way when we know Israel has a left wing but, just like America, where has it been.  Now these people are living up to Moses while Netanyahu never will.

Trump is slow but he's got it now that Netanyahu needs to be a persona non grata in Washington since he brings nothing but evil to the world.  Trump said something wimpy about the settlements are an impediment to peace and now Netanyahu hates him.  Welcome to the club; Netanyahu hates everyone.

Tom Cotton is one of those throttlebottoms who were selling out America to Netanyahu and that scurvy disloyal bastard should be sent off to Israel where his passport will be revoked so he can't come back.

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