Monday, March 27, 2017

Do You Find it Hard Getting Up in the Morning

That question has amused schoolgirls since caveman times but I see the following pattern for Ithaka just about every morning so I've got to wonder what y'all have got happening out there.  I'm thinking these videos with Aida Nikolaychuk may be too much for you.  (Ithaka:  "Try" [ Гала-концерт / Gala Concert ] | Aida Nikolaychuk | Original by Pink)

Since your libidos apparently get out of control for some reason here, we have a creep in Tennessee to bring that back down.  A fifty-year-old teacher played the Prince Charming to a fifteen-year-old student and she started thinking she would marry him.  They ran off together about two weeks ago and not much of a sign of them since.

There's no way Prince Charming could be crackers enough to think he will get away with it and he must know he will never get out of jail when they're caught.  Cinderella probably hasn't thought that far but she's only fifteen so why would she.

What's the best way to bring her back alive.  The more Prince Charming feels the pressure, the more dangerous he's going to get and he took a couple of guns.  The kid is mad in love with him, as much as a fifteen-year-old can be, so she's going to miss a whole lot of signs.

The last time I looked, there was some thought they head for Mexico but if I were the Lead Flatfoot in this one I wouldn't let out even a molecule of information about how close we get until we're on top of him.  If Prince Charming gets wind of it, he may freak and then results are unpredictable but probably bad.

The Rockhouse is more optimistic this will turn out well rather than work out badly but we're not sure how they will get there and it's been quite a while now.

In fact, here's the latest:

Nope, no sign.  (Radar:  Missing Teenager And Her Teacher, 50, Wrote Each Other Love Letters)

Prince Charming was playing her like a harmonica and I know you want to rip his lungs out but first you need to find him.

Mister Civilian Man out there, I'm thinking the best move if you spot them is nothing at all except to call 911 since you don't want to give away at all to Prince Charming that their location is known.  Once cops know where they are, they can probably end this without the kid getting whacked.

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