Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Perfect Mist

- unknown photographer

The shot isn't so technically difficult but it's one stone bitch to find.  Unless you can see this shot before it ever happens, you would never know to be there to capture it.  That's the photographer part since any camera can simply take pictures.

Here is a perfect exemplification of the Existential Triad and ...

Watson:  wtf is the Existential Triad?

It's the Rule of All Things, the Definition of Structure, the fundamental construct which enables us to appreciate the greater gestalt.

Watson:  thanks as that answer certainly helps

Glad to be of service

See, you've got your Yin and your Yang with the two boats to the right and the third on the left represents The Force Which Fucks Things Up.  Think of that one as Sir Lancelot, if you like.

Watson: so the red boat is King Arthur, the white boat is fair Queen Guinevere, and the boat with the blue sail cover is Sir Lancelot who will boink the Queen and spin that Yin and Yang like a child's top.

You've got it, Detective.  Now you see the Existential Triad.

Watson:  all that is in the photograph?


Watson:  it makes me think of breasts

Most things do, mate.

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