Sunday, March 26, 2017

Universal Income and Automation | Trae Crowder on the Rubin Report

Trae Crowder the Liberal Redneck gives the most realistic view of the basis for a universal income I have heard from anyone with a widely-recognized voice.

Ed:  you just like him because he agrees with the Rockhouse

Of course we appreciate that but he relates the situation in a dispassionate manner quite unlike when he's playing the Liberal Redneck who is actually more fun.  When the Redneck needs to whack something, he ensures it's properly whacked.  For this situation, he approaches it a different way and whacks it perfectly again.  He's a highly flexible and literate fellow.

Here's another of the generic journo variety in which they herald, yikes, the robos are coming and we're all screwed.  (RT:  Robots could take over millions of jobs in the next 15 years – report)

Those kinds of reports have been coming out on a tediously steady basis but they don't offer much beyond, yikes, we're screwed.

Trae Crowder goes a step beyond to where we want to be to hear the discussion.  If the jobs are eliminated and likely they will be then what is the next move.  You may not like his conclusion but I suspect you will have difficulty refuting his points.

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