Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On the Indiscriminate Bombing of Civilians by America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel

The latest exemplification of war crime came when Saudi Arabia bombed a boat full of refugees and killed several dozen of them.  If that's any different from shooting an Air Force pilot after he's hanging from a parachute, in what specific way does it differ.  (RT:  Saudi self-investigation not sufficient, UN should probe deadly refugee boat attack — HRW to RT)

This war crime doesn't follow far behind the latest of the American war crimes in which several hundred civilians were killed by the indiscriminate bombing of Mosul.  That's not to be confused with American bombing of hospitals which, in sum, demonstrate either blazing incompetence on the part of Americans or a total indifference to life.

In regard to both, each said they will look into it and all of us know already know what that means for anything coming from it:  absolutely nothing.  (RT: US not changing ‘good’ rules of engagement in Iraq following deadly strike in Mosul)

Israel is the longest-running source of terrorism in the Middle East and it's not surprising they're so hated after they have stolen so much land since their inception in 1947.  America and Saudi Arabia are relative newcomers to overt terrorism in which they do it and don't care who sees it but they have demonstrated extraordinary proficiency with one slaughter of civilians after the other.

America invariably cops the plea that ISIS hides among civilians to shelter from American bombs but, in all that time, it seems it has never occurred to the Pentagon that just maybe they're using the wrong weapons.

Watson:  they know it but they don't want to deal with the bloodbath which will come if American troops face ISIS on the ground.  It's not politically expedient.

Roger that

In the comments on RT, one said he wasn't interested in this because he's 'sick and tired of refugee (sic)' which shows apparently he's sick and tired of English as well.

Ed:  when they were culling badgers, they were going after the wrong species.

That's no shit.  Cull the generals and we can put a stop to all of this murdering.  They don't know how to do anything else and they're too old and thickheaded to learn.

Russia has been working determinedly to try to pull civilians out of Mosul to relative safety but American propaganda news never shows a word of it or tries to distort that news into something else.

Dull clod:  I'm tired of refugee

I got it the first time, Genius Boy.

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