Monday, March 20, 2017

China Briefly Tolerates the Visit of Rex Tillerson and Pretends to Respect Him

Although Rex Tillerson is arguably the sorriest excuse for a statesman who could ever be elevated to the White House, he's not as bad as Hillary Clinton.  She had the same sophomoric warmongering style and there was a problem with Worst Korea of some kind during Clinton's tenure ... but she didn't go to deal with it as Secretary of State; instead Bill Clinton went and he wasn't even in office at the time.

Ed:  that's because Kim Jong Un finds young girls for him.

Maybe so, Midnight Cowboy ... maybe so.

Meanwhile, China says it loves Tillerson long time.  (RT:  Tillerson wraps up ‘friendly’ China visit, anticipates Trump-Xi meeting ‘soon’)

Chinese President Xi Jinping (R) US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson 

© Lintao Zhang / Reuters

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were all smiles as the American official wrapped up his first visit to Asia, despite lingering tensions over North Korea, Taiwan, and Donald Trump’s past statements on China.

- RT

All smiles?  Xi Jinping's smile couldn't have been more forced if it had been chiseled onto his face.

It's a damn shame America sends such riff raff over there.  China has undergone a phenomenal revolution since the Chairman Mao days and has been aggressively advancing including a space program which has grown faster than anywhere else in the world.

While people like Tillerson try to hold America back, the leaders in China try to take the country forward.  It's evolution in action but none for you, America.

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