Sunday, March 26, 2017

American Generals Still Doing Math by Psychic Consultation

In the latest genius from the American general class, we have a stiffie in Afghanistan who says we cannot afford to leave.  (RT:  ‘We can’t walk away’: US commander wants more intl troops in Afghanistan)

FILE PHOTO: U.S. troops, Kabul © Omar Sobhani

Photo to confirm no-one thinks of American troops as soldiers but rather boots on the ground who are expendable because they're of little value and aren't really even people.

Note:  I didn't select that picture to make a point since I didn't need to do that when it was presented with the original article.

A US commander in Kabul has called for more troops from the US and other NATO countries to be sent to Afghanistan, telling The Sunday Times that the Western military “cannot afford to walk away” from the war-torn country.

General John Nicholson is set to make the request at a meeting of NATO defense ministers in May. US Defense Secretary James Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, both war veterans, back the move, the newspaper reports.

- RT

After blowing a trillion dollars or more in Afghanistan and accomplishing nothing more than letting opium production rise to the highest levels since pre-Taliban, most would say America cannot afford to stay but maybe the general gets a piece of the action on all that dope.

There's nothing new in that charge since the CIA is never far away from wherever there is heroin.  It's just the same as pushing it out of Laos and Cambodia during the Vietnam years.

Expressions of confidence in the sanctity of the American military are novel when Afghanistan rose back up to being the biggest opium producer in the world again under their watch and they didn't do anything about it.

Maybe they just didn't notice, huh?

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