Monday, March 20, 2017

"Rogue One" Was Spectacularly Splendid

Any time someone mucks about with the Star Wars storyline will bring enraged devotees en masse and it probably did but it took me six months or a year to get around to it.  I was highly impressed by it and the last hour was spectacularly violent goodness with hardly a sword fight to be seen.  Now it's back to a more manly kind of violence with explosions and crashing spaceships.  Finest kind.

For some while in watching it wasn't clear where this story fit within the overall matrix or if it just went out of the galaxy altogether.  The Death Star seemed like it might have been another one altogether from the original Star Wars even with the brilliant clue of the clone of Peter Cushing.

Then it became clear the flaw in this Death Star was the same one they exploited to blow up the first one and these were the rebels who stole the plans to do it.  As it became yet more clear, the clues became more obvious in showing this was the same Death Star and there were some of the same human people / space people.

The way they ended was appreciated for how non-slutty it was since there's no way to make a sequel out of it when everyone gets dead.  When they even whack the heroine, there's no sequel in the plan.

The integration of "Rogue One" with the others is most appreciated and it's bit like the way Heinlein would weave a set of characters into multiple stories.  There was a bit of who the hell are these people up front but then we get to know them and the 'droid with the bad attitude was excellent.

The last hour of it was a total spectacle of non-stop violent goodness.  No-one really gets dead in Star Wars movies since they only get shot and fall over.  Fix that up and be right as rain in no time.

The space sequences were edited just right to keep the excitement but without being annoying in trying to force it.  The movie really looks like the pro team worked it over since it's so smooth.  I'm sure the purists can find some leftover parts to the storyline but the integration with the story as a whole looked nearly immaculate.

And no damn sword fights.  There was a little bit at the end with Darth Vader but that was for consistency since it's where the Rogue One story merged with the original.  The way those touches were melded with the whole was smooth like buttah.

They honored the Star Wars storyline well and the vibe was excellent since much of the equipment is the same and it would be from the same period.  Dishonoring the story line is adding a number of threads which just hang like wasted spaghetti or make no sense.  I was surprised by how well they did with it.

There wasn't much interest in watching previously since I couldn't turn up an HD version of the movie.  That was resolved a week or so back and that meant the space explosions would be in high-resolution excellence.

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