Sunday, March 19, 2017

Israel Rapidly Devolves into the Worst Place on Earth

The Israeli Supreme Court recently demanded demolition of many of the settlements in the occupied territory and Netanyahu responded by saying he will rebuild all of them.  This is one of many reasons Israel is devolving into the worst place in the world.

If anyone anywhere complains about the outrage of Jewish imperialism and internal apartheid, they screech like Pontius Pilate wasn't one of their own.  With Netanyahu going to town as he has for years, believing he would have whacked Jesus isn't even a stretch.  That cold-blooded motherfucker bombs women and children so killing Jesus would have been no problem at all.

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But we're the bad guys, just ask.  (RT:  Palestinians give highest award to UN official who resigned in ‘Israeli apartheid’ report scandal)

The UN official who resigned this week over the Israeli “apartheid regime” report has been awarded the highest Palestinian honor. Tel Aviv immediately slammed the move as an act of diplomatic war, saying its an “outrageous” decision to honor the former UN official for her “libel”.

- RT

Pro tip on that Israel:  this is not a war but rather unbridled contempt for your lack of humanity.  This has nothing to do with Judaism and we refuse to be distracted by that red herring until the murdering by Netanyahu stops.

You have probably seen it in which Israel has been badmouthing everyone up to Grandma Moses as an international protest against Israel's bad behavior has grown progressively stronger.  You have probably seen the maps which show how Israel has taken almost all of Palestine since 1947.  You have probably not seen anything anywhere as to why Israel has any right to exist.

Israel is just another country and it behaves well in concert with others or it does not.  As we have painfully observed with Israel throughout much of its history, the country doesn't behave well with anyone unless it gets some money and / or land out of it since Netanyahu gets every flavor of obsequiousness whenever there's a buck in it.

You likely saw how Netanyahu tried and succeeded in manipulating America's spineless Congress and that was a total sellout of Obama but the GOP doesn't mind; they did it willingly because, well, fuck America.  As you may recall, that turnout bitch, Tom "Disloyalty" Cotton, led the parade.

Tom Cotton, like the Clintons, is just one more reason one should never to go to Arkansas and is one more reason why 'united' states doesn't mean a whole hell of a lot.

Whatever moral ascendancy Israel may have ever enjoyed in the world has been entirely destroyed by Benjamin Netanyahu.

When we see Donald Trump, in his characteristically kindergarten manner, has commented Worst Korea is 'behaving very badly' but we don't see anything anywhere about protests from him on Israel's behavior, we judge his perception as entirely unreliable and heavily distorted by willful attempts to manipulate the situations in both countries to serve his own ends rather than any desire for justice.

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