Monday, March 20, 2017

Why Washington Isn't Needed Anymore

In the interests of fiscal conservatism in America, the single best thing the country can do is wipe out all of Washington except the museums.

Most of you likely say 'of course' but some may ask why.

All the American laws have already been written

Congress has been jacking with the laws for over two hundred years and still doesn't have them right but that doesn't imply a problem with the laws so much as with the people who change them.

Lose that pack of incompetents since they only cost us more money and America needs more laws like it needs a national root canal with screwdrivers and hammers.

Washington takes half of the tax gold and blows it on the military without any benefit to us

The Pentagon does to the American economy the same thing boll weevils do to crops and Washington helps them as dutifully as choirboys when they're told to drop and give me twenty.

Ed:  this will destroy the social programs too!

No, it won't.  The people who administer those programs are in all fifty states.  If we whack Washington, we only lose the executives and they're a dime a dozen for government or industry plus they don't work.

Washington makes us look like fools to the rest of the world

While we want to hear about global disarmament, all we hear from Washington is gossip for who said what about wire-tapping.  All we ever get is gossip since it's delivered by million-dollar MSM gossip monkeys who care nowhere near as much about news as they do about amassing great wealth (e.g. Rachel Maddow, Megyn Kelly, Bill O'Reilly, etc).

Ed:  they get so indignant about being called hookers, too, don't they!

It's funny every single time, mate.

The Russians aren't coming because they don't like the food

After going to Taco Bell one time, who can blame them.  America has consistently shitty food and it's not necessary to prevent anyone from coming to eat it since no-one else wants it.  In other words, we don't need a defense department; we just need more comprehensive advertising of the menu at Taco Bell and we don't need Washington for that.

Unless you want to mow your own lawn when you're ninety

Maybe being such an asshole toward immigrants isn't such a good idea and the only ones who will do it are the ones who got here illegally.  The ones who undergo this hoax of 'extreme vetting' won't be mowing any lawns and they won't do windows either.

But most of all we're just fed-up with Washington's shit when they mandate some medical system for us but refuse to use it for themselves.  That's bullshit in any state of the union so the answer is get them the fuck out of any state in the union.  We don't need Washington anymore.

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