Monday, March 27, 2017

When You Have a Bad Day Fishing

It may be time to reevaluate your equipment.

Ed:  he scares the fish so much they jump right out of the water and straight to him

It's brilliant.

And now for the question Aristotle never answered.  Why do pelicans fly single file?

I really did look just now and it appears no-one since Aristotle has answered the question either.  The WIKI acknowledges they do it but doesn't offer a reason.

Surely you have seen the pelicans from the beach since they like to fly just above breaking waves where they always do it single file.

Inquiring minds and those who would pose as ethologists need to know how they decide the Order of the Pelicans.  There's the fundamental principle to life that you will always see the same thing if you're not the leader in a single file so who leads.

We see the King Pelican in the file will spot a fish first so he gets first eats but that takes him out of the file.  Does that mean Pelican 2 now takes the lead and King Pelican will fall in at the tail.  We have simply got to know.

Ed:  why?

I don't exactly need to know but I would almost bet money someone studies it right now.  Maybe they have the swell idea of using a drone to follow them and no way the hugely-annoying noise from the propellors will bother them.

How about that.  Wanna bet as to whether someone studies this?

Ed:  it's just using science as an excuse to go to the beach

Well, you can pick a scientific field which needs to work in a coal mine if you like but I'm going to watch the birds.

How about if we catch them and put tiny lightweight camera / transmitters on each of the birds and then we could ...


Anonymous said...

It is pelican season in Key Largo as they migrate south.
It is amusing to watch the fishermen shake their beaks with their hands after they toss them leftovers

Peas InOurThyme said...

They're so goofy looking that it makes them endlessly charming for some reason. As I think of it, don't they flap their wings in order from the front of the row to the back and start again.

Anonymous said...

Fairy Princess was a witness to one of our coolest adventures. An airboat ride into the everglades.
We saw two 11' alligators fight.
At fight it was a MMA stand off with each in the others mouth.
Then about 6 minutes of thrashing until the lesser male broke it off and swam off.
Only see that on the National Geo channel.

Peas InOurThyme said...

That would be outrageous to see. You do come up with the cool moves with her.