Monday, March 20, 2017

Donald Trump Really Set the Crowd Afire in Spain

Or, more accurately, the crowd set Donald Trump afire.  (RT:  Giant Donald Trump effigy set ablaze at fiery Spanish festival (VIDEO, PHOTOS))

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Valencia’s annual fire festival went out with a bang on Sunday, with the Spanish event hosting a blazing pyrotechnics display and the burning of an effigy of US President Donald Trump.

Las Fallas, traditionally a celebration of St Joseph, involves the building of satirical Ninot figurines of well-known characters, which are then set ablaze. This year saw Trump’s likeness paraded in front of mass crowds before it was sent up in smoke.

- RT

America's meretricious magnate of maudlin mundanity enjoys a worldwide audience although it does not appear that audience particularly enjoys him.

There's a trifecta in play for the third country to announce it's embarrassed by Donald Trump.  England took the early lead in telling him not to visit.  Spain announces they will burn him.  Which country will complete the trifecta.

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