Monday, March 20, 2017

If Russians Need America, Where Are They, Darlin'?

There are many, many Germans in Cincinnati and if you don't think you can hack it with sauerkraut ice cream, Zinzinnati might not be the place for you.

Note:  I am not kidding as there is an annual sauerkraut festival and one of the features is sauerkraut ice cream.  Get yer sauerkraut pizza as well for double the fun.

Ed:  and a commensurate measure of gastric distress?

That combination explodes, mate.  Be careful up there.

Lotta Irish people in America and more fucking sports bars than the world ever needed but I guess they're fun if you're drunk enough.  When America even gives the Irish a day on the calendar, you know the country digs them.

Whole lot more Mexican people which shouldn't be such a surprise when Mexico is right next door but I haven't met all that many Canucks.

Ed:  Canadians can only handle their own piss water beer and can't handle German or Irish brew

Well, America has girly lager beer too so what's the problem?

I've been trying to conjure the memory of Russians I have met but that's a pesky few.  So that leads me to ask if you seriously believe Russians want to take over America, where are they?  Wouldn't they want to be here and some would be here already.  If that's the logic, it makes more sense to say Germany is trying to take over America.

Ed:  it's the Irish with those damn Kennedys, I tell you!

Sure, them too.

We have seen that Chinese have been buying up high-ticket real estate for many years and this has resulted in great festivity amid the isolationist crowd with some of them saying the Chinese are trying to take over America or, at least, buy it.

Unknown with you but I haven't heard of Russkis buying up U.S. real estate as we saw with the fire sale fervor of the Chinese.  People were screaming about it like Jethro took the last piece of pie again but there was zip about Russia.

Joe McCarthy gave us the posters for how to know our Russian enemy and, dear Jesus, I took that to heart.  Always I have sought to identify any Russian enemies around me.  He advised they lurk everywhere, sometimes in the shadows.

I've got to tell you, mates, I've been in some extremely dark fuckin' shadows in my life but nary a Russian enemy.  I have been ever vigilant as it's been my duty ...

Ed:  you were just scouting for reefer!

Well, reefer and Russian enemies.  I had success with the reefer but nothing with Russian enemies.

Even now I have a standing offer to any Russian enemies to let them know they can stop on by the Rockhouse and catch one fine Texas reefer buzz.  Not a single Russian enemy ever showed up.

I shall remain vigilant and will report immediately if I ever do spot a Russian enemy.


Anonymous said...

You need to spend more time in Nashville. We have a decent Eastern European
I used to have a Russian Dr. as a delivery drivers as he waited on his accreditation to be accepted.
Funny how America thinks they are the only ones who can teach but we send Drs to train in Mexico.
And our international standing slips every year

Peas InOurThyme said...

Ah, finally some Russian Enemies (larfs).

The biggest amazement is how America can spend so much on this or that and still screw it up. It doesn't seem like it should be possible.

Anonymous said...

I bet they would larf at enemies. But they should accuse me if taking advantage of them for tickets to the Predators hockey games. Easy to do as the players are at their houses as much as the arena.
PS never ever attempt to drink with any Eastern European
And if the drink of choice is Vodka don't even start til bottle 3 or 4

Peas InOurThyme said...

I'm dead at the gate for any drinking contest. I am sissy. Da.