Tuesday, March 28, 2017

A Glorious Example of Fake News from the Dallas VA Medical Center

The VA hospital which is the subject of this report is where I go on a lamentably regular basis and it was on lockdown today because there was a 'suspicious package.'

Ed:  what was in it?


Ed:  so why is this news?

It isn't but don't steal their fun in their pretending.  (NBC:  Suspicious Device Found, Dallas VA Medical Center Evacuated)

At approximately 4:30 p.m., EOD determined the package did not pose a threat and everyone permitted back inside.


Nothing to see here, folks.  Move along, move along.

Meanwhile, Dallas is whining because people don't want to work for 911 presumably because of the steadily worsening reputation of America's police departments so Dallas has to use cops to man them.  The complaint is they don't have enough cops to do that but it shouldn't be such a surprise after today's wild goose chase which was one among many.  (NBC:  DPD Reassigns Neighborhood Police Officers to 911 Training)

There's not a word in the article about why Dallas is having trouble finding 911 operators during a time which ostensibly has jobs all over the place.

Ed:  did NBC make a connection between the first story and the second?

Of course not as they're only it for the money but it gets better ...

The result of police enforcement often winds up in a for-profit prison and those are concrete bundles of goodness which set a shining example of justice for the whole world.  (RT:  Prison company carried out illegal surveillance on Kansas inmates ‒ federal investigators)

Oh, it gets better yet.  They were making recordings of engagements between convicts and their attorneys and then selling that information to prosecutors.

A prison company in Kansas allegedly shared secretly recorded videotapes and audio exchanges between prisoners and their attorneys with prosecutors, according to a federal investigator.

The findings, which involve at least 700 attorneys, come in a federal investigator’s report submitted to the Kansas federal court last week. 

- RT

'Shared' ... yeah, right.  That's what they call it now.

Fake it, shake it, and bake it.  Welcome to MSM in the Brave New World.

Ed:  I don't grok doublespeak!

You better learn, buddy boy.

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