Monday, March 27, 2017

United Nations Goes After the Actual Problem: Nuclear Disarmament

United Nations (United States) (AFP) - More than 100 countries are set to launch the first UN talks on a global nuclear weapons ban on Monday over objections from the major nuclear powers.

Some 123 UN members announced in October that they would launch the UN conference to negotiate a legally binding nuclear ban treaty, even as most of the world's declared and undeclared nuclear powers voted against the talks.

Yahoo:  UN to kick off talks on global nuclear weapons ban

The countries objecting to the talks are not surprising.

Britain, France, Israel, Russia and the United States voted no, while China, India and Pakistan abstained.

Even Japan -- the only country to have suffered atomic attacks, in 1945 -- voted against the talks, saying the lack of consensus over the negotiations could undermine progress on effective nuclear disarmament.

- Yahoo

Japan has the most ineffectual reason but they probably liked that better than advising they will say whatever America tells them to say.

The objective isn't just to slap Trump over his rejection of the talks since Obama betrayed us in the same way.

"There was disappointment with the Obama administration, which made some pledges, but then ignored most of them," she said. "And now there are raised worries with the new US president."

Then-president Barack Obama announced a drive in 2009 to reduce the role of nuclear weapons and eventually eliminate them.

But his administration strongly encouraged NATO allies to vote against this year's UN negotiations, saying a ban would obstruct cooperation to respond to nuclear threats from adversaries.

- Yahoo

Obama's logic is a ban on nuclear weapons would be less deterring than whatever he was doing (i.e. making a shitload more of them including America's largest tactical nuclear weapon, the B61-12).

There is some thinking the truth stopped with Trump but we haven't heard a lick of truth out of Washington in years.

There's no sales pitch from the Rockhouse since many of you have had nukes hanging over your lives ever since the Sixties and the prevailing thought throughout has been when we will ever find leaders with enough wisdom and balls to do something about it.

Well, we have over a hundred of them in the United Nations.  The United States isn't one of them but America long ago stopped caring about leading the world and only cares about being able to blow it up.

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