Tuesday, March 28, 2017

What's Hot on the Blog 3/28


The Message - we have had a joy joy relationship with mice going back possibly as far as fifteen thousand years

When the CIA - attacks our iPhones and strangles the Internet, please refresh my memory as to which side they're on

On the Indiscriminate - the unconscionable and indiscriminate bombing by America, Saudi Arabia, and Israel is a global disgrace

Apple and Facebook - they say they're serious about VR but don't have even a fairy tale of an idea of what they will do with it

All Quiet - that was after the first day of MDS2  and now the second is nearly past with the situation remaining generally nominal

When Robo - fear of robos is paralyzing dispassionate thinking about coming changes from robo deployment in a wide range of industries

What's Hot

Paul Ryan - his mother probably still takes him seriously but it would have been cooler if his final round had been a cage fight

A Glorious Example - it's a glossy report of a suspicious package which had nothing at all in it and Dallas announced police will focus more intensively on litter in the future with full SWAT deployment every time they see rubbish anywhere

Britain - when everything is a catastrophe, nothing is - the language or lack of it is obliterating the news

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