Monday, March 27, 2017

America Brings Culture to the World with Monster Trucks

Many say America doesn't contribute much to the world anymore but such people overlook monster trucks.

America gave you O.J. Simpson, low-speed police chases, and Donald Trump as a President and, absurd as all those things obviously are, they aren't as ludicrous as Gomer Pyle here driving his monster truck like it's a snowboard.


It may help to understand there's a major nuclear research plant at Oak Ridge in Tennessee.  After so  much exposure to radiation there are only two career fields which remain for Tennesseans.  One can spend one's days charging digital watches so people can see them in the dark or one can drive monster trucks.

RT:  World first! US driver lands monster truck front flip (VIDEO)

While this stunt was billed as the World's First, our first question is whom else was even trying.

Monster truck driver Lee O’Donnell took home the 2017 Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship title in style by landing the first-ever monster truck front flip on Sunday.

Fearless O’Donnell made the nail-biting flip during the Mad Scientist Monster Jam World Finals Freestyle Championship at a sold-out Sam Boyd stadium in Whitney, Nevada, US.

The flip put O'Donnell on top of the leaderboard with a 9.355, beating off competition from second-placed Neil Elliott.

- RT

Some question how America will be remembered after all the stupid shit it has been pulling lately but we're confident the monster trucks can create a legacy which will bring pride to us all.

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