Tuesday, March 28, 2017

All Quiet on the Midwestern Front

The first day of the MDS(Multi-Dimensional Shit Storm) has now passed and to the great relief of all, mostly since we knew what was coming but not exactly what to expect of it.

As Quartermaster Support, I don't see what's happening and Yevette split with Tactical at about ten in the morning but didn't get back until about four or so.  That makes for a long day at the base wondering just what the hell they're doing to her.

Yevette got back looking and feeling surprisingly good and we know better what comes but the first day is accomplished.  The support staff people have all been absolutely splendid and Yevette has had good things to say about almost all of them minus one arrogant doctor.  (He was a prick but Yevette doesn't have to see him much)

My comment about Tactical to Yevette was, man, he's really been a prince for this and no way Yevette was going to argue with that.  The Rockhouse gives a high 5FU to Tactical.

Ed:  5FU?

One of the drugs for the chemo but it's got a great ring for other purposes too, doesn't it.

Note:  radiation started today as well.

There's no waltzing happening and we know Yevette will start feeling bad on the third day but for now it's a relief for her to get started into the program.

This is not a cooking show and there won't be much detail to this due to the extremely personal nature of it which is more true for some cancers than others.

The main point is that the MDShas started and it's a true relief for Yevette and all of us to get on with it.  Waiting is scary but after it gets started it goes to taking care of business and she is doing that along with Tactical and Quartermaster Support.

This time isn't the quiet before the storm since there's no storm coming; it's just going to suck.  If everyone gets this right, the storm isn't ever coming although there's no dodging the suckage.  This is when we go to one day at a time but we can hack it.

Lotho mentioned good deeds the other day and Yevette is looking for a haircut so she can contribute the hair to those who make wigs for cancer patients.  You might have heard of this effort previously and it's on a national level.  Yevette wants to be part of that.

There are many deeply-personal aspects to this but there's no foul in revealing that one.

Pulling away from social networks for this is looking like it was the right move.  The only one allowed to be self-absorbed during this time is Yevette and she would get gobs of competition for that online.  I do believe staying away from all that me, me, me of online is helpful for her attitude and getting through this.

I have not yet been able to connect with Tinkerbell and you can see part of the problem with that for the time signature for the article.  I rather doubt Tinkerbell is awake just now.  I'm really looking forward to that talk since it's been quite a while plus no-one knows the anti-cancer regimen better than she and, after about fifteen+ years of life after radical mastectomy, she damn sure knows how to get it right.

The general vibe is better than expected and there's wariness about what comes but there's a growing confidence in being able to deal with it.


Anonymous said...

Locks of Love--familiar with that organization. And March is Colon Cancer Awareness month (dark blue ribbon)

Peas InOurThyme said...

Shitty times sometimes bring the best out of people and that's one of the most remarkable things about this situation. Well, I won't be able to use this hair anymore so maybe someone else can.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers are with you.
Tinkerbelle is doing fine. The great migration began last night.
Locks of Love in Palm Beach Fla. is a good one

Peas InOurThyme said...

It looks like that might be Tinkerbell now and thank you. It's lovely to see people rally behind her with the single thought, you get better, girl.