Sunday, March 26, 2017

So What If Trump Betrayed You, Welcome to America

Be a man about it, fer chrissakes.  Did you see Obama bringing the troops back?  No, he started even more shit.  See, he betrayed us.  Welcome to the club and enjoy the tacos.

Dapper Dan:  it's because of me, isn't it.  He sees I'm weak and takes advantage.  I knew it.

Shut up, Dan.  He's an asshole and so were the others.  Deal with it.  He betrayed you.  Trusting a modern U.S. President was your first mistake and it's not like you weren't warned when those plastic puppets have done this, one after the other, for decades.

Ed:  not Reagan!

Oh, right.  Y'all dismissed the cocaine trafficking for weapons, didn't you.  That never happened and Oliver North doesn't exist.  Got it.

Reagan betrayed us too.  Keerist, show some stones about it.

Ed:  and Tom DeLay was an honest man!

Right and Jesus will be one of the dancers at the White House Ball.  Simply can't wait.

Donald Trump just before he crashed into his new wall with his new medical plan.  Police said he refused a breathalyzer test but his voice sounded crazy and he was weaving.  Sean Spicer said he's like that all the time and they let him go.

Ed:  if you keep this shit up, Clinton will try for a comeback

If she does then we will crush her fat ass again.  At least Bill Clinton knew when was lying.  Hillary Clinton was a CNN candidate and, just like their talking heads, pay her and she will say whatever you want.  Democrats were too fresh from the Obama betrayal to put up with another one from a second-rate imitator.

There's no need for dissertation since y'all want a better class of Presidents as well and we don't get them because someone else is porking the situation.  For the moment we can tag those who start frothing at the mouth as soon as you say, "Russian."

We know those ones have lost their reason so do we wait them out?  What's the play, young grasshoppers.

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