Tuesday, March 28, 2017

There Was High Russian Interest Yesterday

Probably part of the interest in Ithaka other than the article about Carol "The Foul-Mouthed Weather Woman" Kirkwood is the fact the Rockhouse is not afraid of the Russians.  (Ithaka:  Carol Kirkwood Gives Best Weather Report of All Time)

It's the same situation as a fear of flying when the pilot doesn't want to get dead any more than I so let's get on with it and get into the air.  Russians don't want to be turned into charcoal briquettes for a barbecue any more than I so could we put the nukes away, kids, and maybe get on with human evolution if no-one minds too much.

The reason I did so well with computers is I wasn't afraid of them.  No matter what the size of the system, if the thing breaks then we will fix it and bring it back up again.  Even for multi-million dollar systems, the rule is the same although the executive types do get a bit more cross about crashing the big ones.

Ed:  fear is the mindkiller

Keep saying it and eventually they will get it, mate.

There were more Russians reading Ithaka yesterday than Americans and I don't know what they were reading any more than with anyone else but it's interesting that they come.  In my view, if only Americans read it then I have a problem because it means anywhere else probably does not believe the content is true.  Therefore, it's much better to draw a cosmopolitan audience and perhaps they ridicule it but at least they consider it.

There is one Russian to fear, tho, as Mikhail Popkov is an Olympic class serial killer with at least eighty kills of young women to his credit.  When asked why he did it, he said, "My wife started cheating on me."  (RT:  Russia’s deadliest serial killer? Cop-turned-slasher faces 60 new murder charges, death toll at 82)

See, there's your answer.  Wife cheats so whack eighty or so women.  Simple.

© Телекомпания АКТИС / YouTube

Ed:  how come girls didn't know he was a serial killer just by looking at him?

Unknown since Ted Bundy went for the cool frat boy look but Popkov looks dangerous even before he makes a move.  In general I am not afraid but Popkov is one scary Russian.

For the most enjoyable Home Serial Killer Game, go to YouTube and search for serial killers.  You will meet some sweethearts you never imagined from the worst Hollywood movie and don't miss the Iceman since he said he whacked a couple of hundred.  It was just business, you know.

These demented monkeys are in a whole world of strange and no fucking way am I going to bring you something wet, Hannibal ... you sick fuck.

There's so much debilitating fear flying about, isn't there.  Washington plays the fear since they couldn't care less so long as they get what they want and that's an effective tool.

The biggest question is the one which has stood out from the start:  why do people fall for it.

The Russians obviously haven't done anything and yet you see America pushing escalation via NATO all over Europe to encroach on Russia's borders as much as possible while at the same time accusing Moscow of aggression.  Why that doesn't elicit a gigantic WTF from the American electorate is an ongoing mystery.

Y'all regulars, I know you and you're not pussies so who is it buying this rubbish that gets them quivering in their li'l bunny slippers as they wait for Russia to attack.  Who actually believes that bullshit except the Pentagon for their fat ass job security.

Half a trillion a year for those paper Pentagon tigers and they don't even get it done but no-one does a thing about it.

Ed:  fear is the mind killer!

And the budget killer ... but, wtf, who needed the twenty trillion they spent anyway.

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