Sunday, March 26, 2017

Where Are the Nanobot Cancer Munchers

The regulars have seen Ithaka follows with great interest the latest science with nanobots for medical application since some of which have demonstrated astounding capabilities.  They not only know how to find cancer but they know how to get straight to the center of it to kill the hell out of it.  Researchers go after this in so many different ways and it's fascinating to watch ... but ... it ain't out here in the real world yet.

So here's your hypothetical when we're living it right now.  Yevette's chances are excellent when she's got the statistics and the good Lord on her side with people praying for her.  Therefore, she doesn't have to change anything at all and the result should be good although an unpleasant course getting there.

How about Doctor Kildare comes up to say, well, I've got all these li'l nanobots and these are some of the whackiest cancer-munchin' robos you ever couldn't possibly see because they're so damn tiny.  What do you say we skip the standard anti-cancer regimen and go with these 'bots for some high-tech life-savin' to wipe out that cancer with no chemicals and no radiation.

I'm tellin' you right now I would recommend Yevette tell him to buzz off with his 'bots.  When the tried and true keeps her on the good side of the zombie invasion, I'm recommending tried and true.

Ed:  the good side is the living side and not the zombie side, right?

Roger that

Ed:  just checking as I can never be sure with the Rockhouse

There is no Doctor Kildare and nanobots have not been offered.  That science is coming but it isn't here yet.

Ed:  what about just eating your damn broccoli?

I have eaten the damn broccoli and how do you think I lasted so long.  You want to boil yer broccoli so it's edible but not so limp and wimpy it becomes a mainstream voter.  It needs some butter and none of that fake crap either.  If it didn't come from a cow, don't fucking eat it.  Yep, that'll do you just fine.

And George Bush is still an idiot.  Eat the damn broccoli, George.  Grow the fuck up.

Ed:  and lima beans for Potassium

Shut up, Ed.  We don't need to recite the whole manual.

I'm not sure if I would take a bigger risk if the decision were regarding my own health.  If I were in Yevette's circumstance then would I have Doctor Kildare bring on the 'bots since I can mostly take the pain but I really, really hate nausea; likely that's the same with most people.  Even so, it's gambling a high chance of success against a possible fail and I see that one as a fool's bet.

The 'bots are coming and we want them but we will need some major convincing.  There's been excellent success with cancer in some areas and they have just about wiped out childhood leukemia.  People won't lightly give up those cancer regimens for a new treatment without clear proof of success.

Ithaka can bring you the science about those 'bots as we see it published but there's a period in-between that publication and public release for that which most call beta testing now.  Take the 'bots out into the field in the real world to discover whether they work like in the lab.  We haven't seen that part yet but it's coming.

The science I have seen regarding nanobots so far has been stunning for their capability.  Their testing gives great reason for optimism but this is still research rather than development for production.  This is the material from the Jetsons of the Future we had awaited since ATMs are mostly ho hum but nanobots which roam about your body killing cancer ... whoa, Nellie ... that's some futuristic medicine.

It's not here yet so eat that broccoli and that's your cue, Ed.

Ed:  and lima beans for Potassium

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