Sunday, March 26, 2017

"Try" [ Гала-концерт / Gala Concert ] | Aida Nikolaychuk | Original by Pink

Are you mad in love yet?

That's love you're feeling, right?

And how about this time?

Ed:  it looks like a major Rockhouse crush in-progress

Sho' 'nuff is, Elwood.  I just want to talk to her, tho.  I'm not thinking of the pleasure of tasting her delicate lips.  It doesn't occur to me to see her skin is like alabaster brought to us from Olympus.  It doesn't come to my thinking that she appears as an angel in human form.  It's not important for me to know that even the most fleeting touch from her would electrify my heart and my soul in a way I couldn't even imagine in the certain presence of an angel.

Ed:  you don't see that?

Nary a bit of it, mate.

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