Monday, March 20, 2017

How the Richie Riches Will Survive the Nuke War

The Rockhouse has preached from time to time about the wonderfulness of underground rock cities and they are wonderful for all kinds of wonderful reasons most of which you don't accept at all ...

but ..

get this.  (CNN:  Billionaire bunkers: How the 1% are preparing for the apocalypse)

Note:  the interest in this is only secondarily the richie richness of these things since they also represent large-scale underground excavations which really happened.

Tell me this doesn't have enough swanky swank for after the tally man tallies your bananas.


Vivos Europa One with 227K square feet of living space overall ... and it's under a mountain.

That's way too sterile for the Silas but it's got the swank, at least for a hotel or the like.

Before bustin' yer guttywuts getting too envious about this trip, perhaps we could review some arithmetic.  When they finally push a button, we have fifteen minutes until the ICBMs arrive, correct?  The ones delivered by submarines will get here even more quickly than that.

So how much more than a tinker's fairytale of a chance of making it to these bunkers exists for these richie riches in those fifteen minutes, huh?

I would tell them, you know, but they didn't invite me or anyone I like to come with them so, well, fuck 'em.

Some of these luxy survival joints like this stock five years of food per head.  That sounds swell but they still won't make it.  There won't only be a nuclear winter since the Snowball Earth arose from not such a huge shift in the temperature and the rest of the planet froze because it was sufficient to push it past the point it could bounce back.  As more of the Earth froze, its reflectiveness increased and its ability to absorb warmth from the Sun reduced.

Maybe you could come out in five years ... but there won't be anything out there except ice, not anywhere.  Life survived this when it happened seven hundred million years ago.  You won't but life will survive.

Something which is mentioned not much at all for these bunker systems is what powers them.  Trying to rig something for solar is pointless since the Sun won't show itself again for years.  Storing enough diesel to last for years on end is extremely improbable and almost certainly impossible for large numbers of people.

There's only one way to survive a nuke war and this isn't it, mates.

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