Sunday, March 19, 2017

1970 Plymouth Superbird | Most Insane Road Car Ever Built

The Superbird gets started at +6:45 into it and that motor is brutal.  The history from Richard Petty is cool but stay for that nasty V-8 sound.  This is every kind of vehicular outrage you can put into one car and, uh, catch it if you can.

The motor is the legendary 426 Hemi and, repeat, do not miss that sound.

Just enough of these vehicles were built for public sale to make it legal to race the car in NASCAR.  That might have been five hundred or less.  Who knows what such a car would be worth today as they must be extremely rare when there weren't that many to start.


Anonymous said...

depending on history and restoration
I would put it at $200k to a top side of $500k if the right bidders are in the house

Peas InOurThyme said...

Actually, that's not as extreme as I thought it might have been due to its rarity. There sure won't be another of these 'birds but it's cool that something so outrageous ever existed at all.

Anonymous said...

Look into the Dodge Hellcat series with particular attention on the new Dodge Demon I believe it will be pushing 750+HP off the show room floor with a handling package to handle it

Anonymous said...

Most European luxury cars like the Bentley, AMG or BMW push that with comfort and style but with a price tag commensurate with those extras

Peas InOurThyme said...

I did hear about that Hellcat and that's just about as maniacal as it gets. Their modern build ability must be astounding when their motor builders can put one like that together and it doesn't need constant maintenance.

Comfort is easy. Those seats I put into the Galactic Tour van were the most comfortable I ever experienced anywhere. You can make a VW a Cadillac that way!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Cadillac, the recaro performance seat in the CTS VF is in my humble opinion the finest street car seat available. And considering the 600 to 700 HP the car has driver comfort and stability is a key

Peas InOurThyme said...

There you go ... there's the important thing for a car. Does my ass get cold in the Winter.

Horsepower can slide but I must have a pampered ass and I figure that's a minimal expectation when I have to sell all my damn camels to get the car in the first place.

The ones I got were from some custom shop and they were the heftiest upgrades in it but they were sooooo nice. Excellent ass pampering from them.

Except the battery would go dead if I forgot to turn off the seat heaters. The installer guy didn't quite get that part right.