Friday, July 21, 2017

Until the Cop Who Murdered Justine Damond is in Jail, Apologies to Australia Mean Nothing

Justine Damond was murdered by a cop whose only excuse was a loud noise made him think he might be ambushed ... by a woman standing alone and unarmed in her pajamas.

Right now, we have the standard police lament playing and it goes oh me, oh my, how did this happen.  (The Guardian:  ‘This should not have happened’: police chief responds to Justine Damond shooting – video)

Nothing these cops say is sincere unless it's good-bye when they ship the murdering cop off to jail.  Another cop kills another citizen about every eight hours in America so the crocodile tears when they do press conferences don't even impress children anymore.  Justine Damond's murder isn't now the most recent in America since that changes every few hours.

Note:  American cops have killed a thousand citizens or more every year going back for several years at least and thanks to Obama for doing so much to militarize them.  There are Obama defenders floating about even today but Janus was never better-represented and Obama doesn't even deserve a gravestone after the things he did.

The one consistent thread to all the MBCs (i.e. Murders By Cop) is the cop invariably claims he or she was in fear of his or her life.  From that we deduce, it's unbelievably fucking easy to scare them for their lives when an unarmed woman in her pajamas can do it; kids who with toy guns can do it; just about anything can do it.

Cops are so poorly-trained, they only have one reaction which is typically to unload the entire clip from their weapon into the so-called bad guy.  The secondary training is for police chiefs for the oh me, oh my show which invariably follows the many examples of these MBCs in America.

The American police forces really are welfare systems for ex-military since an astounding proportion originate in the military but there's one salient difference in their training:  unless Basic Training has changed radically since I was in the Army, the soldier is never taught about taking prisoners and is only taught how to kill.

Witness the slaughter on the streets and, oh me, oh my, how did that happen.

Ed:  you're just writing this to bash America

When America is wrong, someone needs to bash the bitch instead of blaming the problem on everyone else and then shooting them.  Now Australia, a country with a successful gun control program, is watching what America did with one of her people and all Lady Liberty has got is gee whiz, how did this happen.

Put Lady Liberty in the fucking jail too until sense and / or civility return to her since she hasn't possessed any measure of either in years and that damn sure did not magically start with Trump.

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