Friday, July 21, 2017

Donald Trump Finds a Way to Make the CIA's Russian Meddling Stories Turn Funny

The Russian meddling stories all started with Hillary Clinton whining, in that case, about how Russian interference cost her the election.  That she also blamed her failure on the tinker, the tailer, and the candlestick maker didn't seem to make much difference to anyone and, lo, there has been a global shitstorm ever since as a result of it and gollum pundits have made bank.

Ed:  look at the bright side, at least she finally accomplished something besides selling weapons

No-one cares if you stab her, mate.  She's one of the most loathed people in the country.

Ed:  why report on her then?

We're not satisfied to ensure she stays out of politics; we don't want her ever showing her face in public again for what she did to the Democratic Party.

Ed:  so did Obama

We're equal opportunity slashers and always have been.  Boobs and skin color make no difference since we revile incompetence and malfeasance wherever we find it.  Obama may have been wearing the wool all his life but all we needed to see was his betrayal regarding American combat.

Ed:  wearing the wool?

Wolf in sheep's clothing, mate.  All Centrists are like that.  It's America's third political party but they enjoy wearing the wool to pretend they're Democrats and that's the thing which has made such a mess out of the political system now such that no-one trusts either party anymore.  The Clintons and the Obamas can take a bow for that.

The hacking story has been a remarkable thing to observe since those who imply there was Russian hacking have yet to produce any substantive evidence of any kind to prove it and instead they say, "Trust us.  After all, look at the sterling reputation of the CIA and the FBI!"

Funny that, as we don't recall any sterling reputation from either of them.  There's one catastrophe after the other the CIA has caused and those are well-documented, typically long after the offense took place.  The FBI knew about the hijackers of the aircraft for 9/11 but they fucked it up and nothing ever happened.  They don't catch bank robbers anymore either.

Washington plays its best cards but they're only Jokers.  Surely in the years since America signed its own death warrant in authorizing the CIA in the early Fifties, there would be some good and positive thing they have ever done which was worthy of documentation.  Nada.  Goose egg.  Ziparooni.

Donald Trump does have an answer if the Goon Squad does manage to contrive any prison sentences, however:  pardon them.  (The Guardian:  Report that Trump considering pardons for family and aides is 'disturbing' - Democrats)

When the script for America looks as it does now like something written by Marvel Comics, you won't find anywhere in the world which does it better ... nor has more need.

Stan Lee's name and this fool should never appear in the same sentence but they write for similar labels only one of them thinks it's real.  Tip: the other is dead.  (RT:  CIA director: Russia loves to meddle and 'stick it to America')

Note:  that semi-literate dolt pulls a six-figure income as an executive.  Ain't that a bitch.

The Regulars have seen recent articles in which highly-territorial chimpanzees conduct frequent border raids around their area but they don't enjoy the reproductive success of bonobo apes who are lovers before they're fighters.

From our study of those apes, we appreciate the fact if anyone is sticking something to someone else, it won't be the chimp and is much more likely to be the lover.

Chimps are in it for the money (i.e. territory) but bonobos are in it for the sex and the bonobos usually win so this might be a time to review which team merits your attention.

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