Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Ongoing Saga of the Tellicherry Black Peppercorns

It's such a splendid display of this mass of gourmet goodness.

The Rockhouse is eminently satisfied with the freshness, flavor, and overall quality of the Tellicherry black peppercorns from The Reluctant Trading Experiment.

However, the grinder was rubbish since it was inconsistent in how much pepper it would deliver at any given time.  The Rockhouse goes with cheap pepper grinders because we see designer as meaning Kim Kardashian who wears the hip threads but she's still a useless cabbage who apparently spends most of her boring day going to get more hip threads.

The Rockhouse cannot afford cabbages so the original cheap grinder has been replaced with another cheaper grinder and it came from OXO.  This one is a beast.  When I set it for a coarse grind, it cranks out the coarse-ground pepper like a big league champion.

In checking out grinders, it's important to discover whether they can grind salt and pepper.  This one can and Yevette favors sea salt but it wouldn't be practical to use the same one for both in this example since it would have to be emptied of peppers before using it for sea salt.  Getting another won't break the Treasury since it cost (gasp) $11.99.

Some heard my original recommendation for the Tellicherry Peppercorns from The Reluctant Trading Experiment and said why should we believe you when you also eat Vegemite, the foulest concoction passing itself off as foodstuff on the planet.

Frankly, that's confusing since this is the same country which came up with Rocky Mountain Oysters as a menu item.  Now if you're seriously telling me that eating of the balls of a bull is more palatable than Vegemite, we're going to be needing to schedule you for Gustatory Rehab in doublequick time.

Vegemite has a sharp, pungent taste and it may be too strong for some but you aren't supposed to use the whole jar on a single sandwich.  Use it sparingly since it goes a long way.  A dollop for a beef stew adds some interesting zing.  The same you know already about pepper since more makes more heat ... but ... the Tellicherry peppercorns go beyond that since they bring the pepper much more as a spice than simply as a producer of heat.

My taste for Vegemite may mean I use more of the pepper than you but it's still the same variable and you choose whatever you like.  You may never hear this word from me again since it has something of a poofy tang to it but piquant is a good one regarding the pepper.  Select as much piquancy as you like based on the grind and the quantity to dial it just right for you.

Note:  there is no kickback from The Reluctant Trading Experiment for plugs.  They sell an excellent product at a fair price so the Rockhouse is happy to plug them.

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