Thursday, July 6, 2017

Some #Science Highlights on a Roll

The drug common to these medications is Omeprazole and you would be well-advised to read the article if you have been taking it for a significant period.

Science Daily:  Popular heartburn drugs linked to higher early death risk

Engineered solutions to digestive problems have been reported several times here lately and here's a summary in another article.  The things they're doing now are near magic.

Science Daily:  Engineering digestive system tissues: Significant progress

Electrical stimulation as a resolution of problems with sexual dysfunction and there's some science behind it but there's nothing at all in the way of government regulation.  Do be checking your spam email for the Willy Wonka Wiener Whacker device which can help when your whanger is feeling a little poorly.  Just give him a little juice from this and he will be ready for the party ... or he will be fried to cinders.  Caveat emptor.

Daily Mail:  SHOCK treatment 'improves erectile dysfunction': Low intensity shock waves 'improve blood flow to the penis'

Human lifespan has been reviewed in recent days and researchers are studying a Greenland shark's genome since they live almost four hundred years.  (  Sharks could hold the secret to long life)

Invasive jellyfish are entering the Mediterranean via the Suez Canal and there doesn't seem to be much which can be done about it.  (  Jellyfish invasion stirs debate over Egypt's Suez Canal)

Deep water coral glow in the dark and the reason for that is most unusual.  (  Deep water corals glow in the dark to survive)

Green and red fluorescence of Blastomussa merletti cora. Credit: Prof Joerg Wiedenmann


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